Kim Carter




Feeling out of alignment with your authentic self?

Unsure how to access your untapped potential?

Does fear or lack of direction hold you back from living the life you want?

Break Through Blocks

Step into your power with grounded, down to earth, practical guidance.

Start today to create balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

The world needs your authentic voice.


rose reading

Rose Reading

A short 20-30 minute focused reading to receive information that your spirit wants you to know at this time.

full reading

Full Reading

A 60-90 minute complete reading, which includes a rose reading, plus a 7-layer aura reading.

healing touch

Healing Touch Session

A healing that clears, balances, and energizes your energy field. Can reduce pain, relieve stress, and more.

How can an intuitive reading help you?

Perhaps you’re in transition, trying to make a decision, or needing some insight on a situation. An intuitive reading can help when you’re feeling stuck or challenged by providing clarity and healing.

During a reading I share insights, highlight your strengths and abilities, and also see what holds you back so that you are empowered to move forward.

Because I believe firmly in your ability to make your own decisions, my readings are not prescriptive or predictive. I describe the energy that is present, see where it’s blocked and help to get it moving again.

Discover the joy of transformation