Meet Kim Carter


meer Kim Carter


A combination of formal training and experience informs my healing work. A B.S. in Psychology and an M.S. in Special Education taught me to find and nurture the strengths in people and to break down challenges into manageable pieces. An M.A. in Pastoral Studies opened me to the mystics who found a deeper spirituality that lives in the heart of all religions.

Becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher helped me ground my spirituality and befriend my body.

Healing Touch entered my life through an article I found in, of all places, a military hospital. Becoming a Reiki Master and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner taught me the many ways of seeing and working with subtle energy.

iRest Yoga Nidra® training gave me practical meditation tools to help others, as well as deepen my own practice. Interwoven with formal training, my experience includes hospice, facilitating bereavement groups, teaching yoga, and teaching others how to use Healing Touch techniques to clear and balance their energy fields.‬

‪All along the way, I had various opportunities to develop my intuitive abilities. I took many trainings and workshops in psychic and intuitive development, but would always end up overwhelmed and put it on the back burner. I believe, however, that when you have a purpose in life, it keeps trying to rise up within you until it is acknowledged. For me, the turning point came when I saw that Nancy Rebecca, my Healing Touch mentor from many years before, was offering her Psychic Mastery International program. Signing up for the program is honestly the best thing I could have done. I found the grounding and support I needed to develop my intuitive abilities and to allow them to flourish. And I want to pass this gift of empowerment on to as many people as I can.

I believe we are all called to contribute in our own unique way. No one else can offer what you can.‬

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