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rose reading

Rose Reading

A short 20-30 minute focused reading
In Person or Long Distance – recording available


The rose is used as a metaphor to receive information about different aspects of your life. It can provide an overall perspective on a given situation or information that your spirit wants you to know at this time.‬

full reading

Full Reading

A 60-90 minute complete reading
In Person or Long Distance
Recording available


The session consists of a rose reading, plus a 7-layer aura reading. With your permission, I also do a healing on 1 or 2 layers. If you have a specific question, that can also be addressed.‬

healing touch

Healing Touch Session

A 60-minute session
In Person or Long Distance


‪Clear, balance and energize your energy field. It can be helpful in many ways, such as: reducing pain, speeding wound healing, supporting the dying process, and helping to relieve stress and anxiety, among others.

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